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Here are some articles I've collected from Pinterest and other sites to help live healthier. Mainly these are workout circuits, some protein shakes, detoxes, and other articles that I've found interesting.
As of the end of March I have started a full Vegan diet, and I wish to share not only that experience, but also what has helped me along the way. I'll post some recipes, books and blogs that I recommend, and anything else that I find fitting.
I will also be adding Cruelty-Free company names and alternatives for living off of animals.
I hope you enjoy what this blog offers. I am certainly hope this blog helps me.

NOTE: I do not own any of these articles, I do not have many of the original sources, but I acquired most from Pinterest under "health and fitness" or "hair and beauty."
I do not take credit for coming up with any of these.
John B. Lee's New Book →

Hey followers, could you please follow John B. Lee’s Book Tumblr for me? Especially if you enjoy rural life, poetry, and dealing with life. 

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What I got in the mail today!

What I got in the mail today!

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It has been a while!

Hey guys, sorry that it has been so long since I’ve posted. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked out sadly—since August 12 I believe.
Mind you I have done a few 5k runs since then, one being The Colour Run, and another being for thr Alzheimers society. For the last one my time was 37 minutes :D which is good for me.

So! Since I haven’t actually done any good solid workouts in months I decided to jump into a HIIT workout posted by The Daily Hiit yesterday morning. This was a bad idea. Maybe I could have done the whole workout even though I was out of shape, but I also did not eat before! I understand many people believe that you should workout on an empty stomach in order to burn more body fat, it may be true, but it is not good for your body. You need energy, and I had none. After my workout my body was trembling and I felt as though I was going to be sick. I had to go back to bed because I felt so bad.
Mind you I have not kept the best diet since reverting back to being an omnivore, but I should have eaten something prior to my workout. At least 15 minutes before.
So for today’s workout I will have a piece of toast with natural peanut butter and wait a bit. Then do my workout.
Fortunately I have new suppliments arriving in the mail today—I am so excited! I ordered BSN xplode and animox, as well as Opti Women multivitamin. The energizer (xplode) should give me enough energy to get through my workouts no problem, but you still need fuel for your body.
You also shouldn’t take your protein suppliment immediately following your workout. You should wait at least 45 minutes because it can dehydrate your muscles while they try to repair themselves. This is a reason I bought the amino suppliment, it should help my muscles repair themselves so that I can minimize my recovery time.
Another thing I used to do after my workout was juice. I used the NutriBullet and would add greens, fruits, and chia seeds, because it gave my body simple carbs, and fats to rehydrate. I also drank a few cups of water. The juice is good because as a liquid it is easier for your body to digest. You want to refuel but your body is also working to repair itself, so most of your energy should be directed at recovery and not in digestion. So try consuming liquids (not protein either).
So yeah, just a reminder to be smart about your workouts, remember to fuel your body and eat properly before and after your workout.
I was stupid and I paid the price. I wasted a whole day sleeping and I felt really sick. So don’t be stupid like me. If you have to learn from your mistakes than so be it. Fat burning as fast as possible is not the only goal. You need to eat healthy and build muscle. When you have muscle your body is better at burning calories at rest, which is a lot better than starving your muscles of nutrition so that you can eat off of your own fat stores.

Sorry about ranting. I hope this helped. I only hope that I am able to do my workout this morning. My abs feel like they’ve been getting punched all night.


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My first True Beauty Box!

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Becoming Vegan →

I wrote this on my other blog, if any followers would like to read (: 

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Month Long Pushup Challenge

Day 1: 5
Day 2: 5
Day 3: 5
Day 4: 7
Day 5: 10
Day 6: 10
Day 7: 10
Day 8: 12
Day 9: 15
Day 10: 15
Day 11: 15
Day 12: 17
Day 13: 20
Day 14: 20
Day 15: 20
Day 16: 22
Day 17: 25
Day 18: 25
Day 19: 25
Day 20: 27
Day 21: 30
Day 22: 30
Day 23: 30
Day 24: 32
Day 25: 35
Day 26: 35
Day 27: 35
Day 28: 37
Day 29: 40
Day 30: 40
Day 31: 40

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I can’t wait to buy these, I won’t need to buy sets of dumbbells, it’s only $150 with weight up to 24lbs per hand! 
Shoulder and arm workouts are definitely my favourite, thanks to P90X.
These are also the featured dumbbells in the DailyHiit/BodyRockTV workouts. (:

I can’t wait to buy these, I won’t need to buy sets of dumbbells, it’s only $150 with weight up to 24lbs per hand! 

Shoulder and arm workouts are definitely my favourite, thanks to P90X.

These are also the featured dumbbells in the DailyHiit/BodyRockTV workouts. (: 

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True Beauty Box: Monthly Subscriptions, FULL SIZE Organic Skin Care & Cosmetics →

I just subscribed to this service and am very anxious to get my first True Beauty Box in the mail. You receive full sized products that are picked and catered to your profile—you can take a short quiz or choose your own—for a wonderful discount. You only may between $30 and $40 a month for this box (shipping to the US is free and to Canada shipping cost me only $8), and the total cost of the items can be over $50. 

By purchasing this monthly box, as a member you also receive a 10-15% discount on their Love True Natural website.

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